Cup Awards

Clan Tournaments gold.png silver.png bronze.png
ECC 2011 pl.gif |Storm_PL| pl.gif =[DoD]= -
ECT 2011 pl.gif |Storm_PL| ru.gif [USSR|2D] pl.gif =[DoD]=
ICC v4 pl.gif |Storm_PL| pl.gif Mighty # us.gif lone |
ICC v5 pl.gif ofP.| pl.gif |Storm_PL| us.gif lone |
ICC v6 pl.gif |Storm_PL| eu.gif >'#Black#'<
eu.gif |uNknowN|*
ICC v7 pl.gif |Storm_PL| pl.gif ofP.| -
ICC v8 pl.gif |Storm_PL| eu.gif eXXaLTeD pl.gif Mighty #
ICC v9 pl.gif |Storm_PL| de.gif » KND « eu.gif eXXaLTeD
ICC v10 pl.gif |Storm_PL| eu.gif eXXaLTeD eu.gif |uN.Sk1LLs|
2DPL Season 1 pl.gif |Storm_PL| pl.gif Mighty # eu.gif |uNknowN|*
CPS v1 pl.gif |Storm_PL| eu.gif |uNknowN|* tr.gif NiP
IML 5on5 Cup v1 pl.gif |Storm_PL| eu.gif >'#Black#'< de.gif optic |
IML 5on5 League v2 pl.gif |Storm_PL| pl.gif ofP.| tr.gif Tahribat
WCT 2016 pl.gif |Storm_PL| eu.gif eXXaLTeD pl.gif Mighty #
PCL 2016 pl.gif |Storm_PL| eu.gif Ruthless-Gaming br.gif EliteBrazil
AML v1 ar.gif immineNt # br.gif EliteBR us.gif lone |
EUL v1 eu.gif eXXaLTeD pl.gif |Storm_PL| eu.gif Passion
WCT 2017 eu.gif eXXaLTeD pl.gif Mighty # ar.gif América del Sur
PCL V9 pl.gif |Storm_PL| pl.gif NOSTALGIA eu.gif = Enigma =
PCS 3on3 v1 eu.gif :[ Wings ]: pl.gif |Storm_PL| eu.gif eXXaLTeD

Individual Tournaments gold.png silver.png bronze.png
WCL v10 tr.gif lord pl.gif Introgen pl.gif Milriko
WCL v11 lt.gif Quattro tr.gif Banger ru.gif Dimitrii
WCL v12 pl.gif Milriko tr.gif tank -
WCL v13 pl.gif Steru de.gif rav3r pl.gif szoks
WCL v14 de.gif kch de.gif pard0N
tr.gif lord
PCS 1on1 pl.gif Milriko ar.gif Roodry pl.gif Pawelek
PCS 1on1 v2 pl.gif Milriko de.gif Edi rs.gif txc
PCS 1on1 v3 tr.gif lord pl.gif Steru tn.gif Skrillex
PCS 1on1 v4 tn.gif Skrillex ua.gif st0rm pl.gif Milriko
IML 1on1 Cup v1 pl.gif Steru pl.gif Adam Sniper pl.gif szoks
IML 1on1 League v1 pl.gif Steru pl.gif Adam Sniper pl.gif szoks
PCS Survival [M3] Tournament gr.gif CoSmo lt.gif Quattro ch.gif Sila
PCS 1on1 M3 v1 tr.gif Shootz de.gif rav3r pl.gif Contra
PCS 1on1 M3 v2 eg.gif scroLL3R pl.gif Contra tr.gif lord
PCS 1on1 M3 v3 eg.gif scroLL3R hu.gif Wento ar.gif Wind
PCS 1on1 M3 v4 tn.gif Skrillex pl.gif Contra pl.gif Steru
PCS 1on1 Deagle v1 us.gif vision - -
PCS 1on1 Newbie Cup v1 ar.gif Shane - -
PCS 1on1 EUP v1 de.gif pard0N de.gif Edi fr.gif x[N]ir
PCS 1on1 AMP v1 mx.gifLastHope us.gif vision br.gif DK
PCS 1on1 FS mx.gifLastHope hu.gif Wento de.gif pard0N
PCS 1on1 FS v2 lt.gif Quattro dz.gif Spawny de.gif edi
PCS 1on1 SuperPistols mx.gifLastHope - -
PCS 1on1 Pistols lt.gif Quattro pl.gif Steru tr.gif lord
PCS 1on1 Secure the Hostage hu.gif Wento ua.gif st0rm -
PCS 1on1 AIM tn.gif Skrillex dz.gifSpawny ar.gif Paset
PCS 1on1 GS ru.gif meef dz.gifSpawny pl.gif szoks
PCS 1on1 AM ar.gif Abyssus us.gif Bloody ar.gif Paset

Other format tournaments gold.png silver.png bronze.png
PCS 2on2 v1  tr.gif lord
tr.gif tank
de.gif Edi
de.gif xeNi
Nations Cup v1  pl.gif Hajt
pl.gif Szoks
tr.gif lord
tr.gif tank
tn.gif Navikks
tn.gif Skrillex
PCS 2on2 v2
 pl.gif Milriko
pl.gif Steru
tr.gif lord
tr.gif tank
PCS 2on2 (Pro + Newcomer) v1 pl.gif Steru
pl.gif pingwin01
pl.gif Milriko
tr.gif BcY
ar.gif seda
ar.gif pre'koz

Fun Tournaments gold.png silver.png bronze.png
PCS de_cs2d Fun Cup tr.gif lord
tr.gif tank
pl.gif Adam Sniper
pl.gif Stojmir
PCS Meme Tournament v1 ar.gif Firzen - -
KNF Fun Cup v1 gr.gif ex0 de.gif WiN pl.gif Milriko
KNF Fun Cup v2 pl.gif Milriko tn.gif Skrillex pt.gif S!im*

Cup Awards shows the list of the tournaments played since the creation of the actual PCS Project

Some cup editions where 3rd place misses is because the 3rd place match was never played

Full tournaments names:

ECC → European Clans Cup

ECT → European Clans Tournament

ICC → International Championships of CS2D

WCL → World Champions League

2DPL → CS2D Pro League

IML → International Master League

CPS → Counter Premier Series

PCL → Pro Clans League

EUL → European League

AML → American League

EUP → European Pistols

AMP → American Pistols

SP → Super Pistols

FS → Full Series