CS:2D Official shit-chat #1

  • Milriko because He used to abuse his admin/mod rights on different servers a lot of times.

    I'd like to see evidence for such serious accusation, some of you are negative towards me because I've punished you in the past for the rules you broke, and you still see yourselves the ones with reason here. I'm dealing with these type of behavior everyday and it doesn't bother me even a bit.

    Ya see even if my "friend" breaks the rules, I ain't favouring him and also punish him. So a stranger raging over me because he insulted and got muted is just an everyday situation for me.

  • Yes, I definitely have a folder where I've been storing your abusing examples for years. Please... I used a phrase "used to", I don't know how your moderator skills look like now, but in the past, give or take, 1,5 - 2 years back, there were examples (not of me) where you were the one starting an argument on the server and when someone replied you back according to your provocations, you used to mute them just to frustrate them and then ban them. It didn't happen to me though, but I've seen couple of situations myself. Could be that after some time, You no longer provoke people on your own and you are simply just a strict moderator. I'm merely sharing my experience with older you.

    However, it doesn't change the fact that even though you often used to mute/ban people following server rules, You were also breaking those rules yourself and you were walking away not punished. Worth to mention that you have tendency to punish people too harsh (probably why you are so hated by a lot of people).

    Note that I do not have evidences nor I'm going try to get them, as noone here cares about you or how great you think of yourself. It's cool that you have a high self-confidence and you speak highly of yourself, it's just, people doesnt like it here and probably why other people hate on you.

  • Sure I get your point. 2 Years ago I was still a newbie moderator so I might have made some mistakes.

    Kontra wrote:

    Simple example from couple of days ago, I joined jail server first time in 8 months and I had no idea that cuffed terrorist deals 0 damage to CT, so when tt tried to provoke me while he was cuffed, I killed him. It was my bad, but you knew it was first time in months I joined the server (You even typed something like "lol kdmrl on fun server") and then you used mod/admin kill to kill me and pmed me that it was wrong. Technically - nothing wrong with how you handled the rule breaking situation, some would say, it was a clean example of moderating, but was it? You could have just pm me and I would know it and I wouldnt do it again, Why am i saying that in terms of social moderating it was bad? Well, the fact that you killed me, made me leave the server, because I had to wait 4-5 minutes for next round to start. From this perspective, it was just partially right handled situation. What I mean by typin all this unecessary crap is that it was one of those situations where you punish people too harsh.

    It's the jail server so it's the jail rules, you killed an innocent terrorist and I had to kill you for that same reason. It was fair and waiting 4-5 minutes for a round isn't that big of a deal since you claim that you wouldn't do it again if warned, also did you read the F1 rules? I didn't know that you've joined for the first time in the server, I mean who would of? I ain't keeping track of everyone's activity in the server. I'm just doing my job there, and I have orders to kill freekillers, spawn freekilled players and warn the freekillers to read f1 and to not do it again.


  • what kdmrl said is completly right, but not 2 years ago, i saw you doing that half year ago (late on 2017 summer) and you was muting & kicking players who you don't like, also i remember you kicked me from a discord fun server when i said that you are not worthy, also you flamed like a kid, you don't deserve it at all, you are not close, try again after 5 years or more.

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