New site, Tournaments & Discord


    The new forum has been up and running for some time now and we're really proud of it. It's smoother, responsive, cleaner and better overall so hooray for that!

    Thanks again to those who donated back then to purchase this forum software.

    If there's anything about the site that you don't like or you'd rather have it done in another way, we're open for suggestions so please let us know (logos or a new header to make the site nicer are also welcome for review).

    Remember to advertise the site to everyone in-game who's looking for some competitiveness!


    So it's been some time now with no tournaments and with the new site and everything we're also looking to renew the people in charge of tournaments.

    We'd like to hear suggestions about what tournament you'd like to play in the upcoming months and we're actually looking for admins for such tournaments, so let us know down here if you're interested.


    So, due to recent problems in the TS3 Server regarding channel names, abuses, confusing roles and admin rights plus the fact that TS3 is no longer used in most games, we're going to slowly start switching to Discord.

    Join @ Discord HERE.

    We encourage people to use Discord since it's faster, works better and has a lot more useful features. We're also open to suggestions about text and voice channels and anything related to the Discord server!

    Please read and follow the rules.

    Also, it's a nice replacement for the shoutbox we used to have in the old forum ;)  


    We are going slowly, we know, but I believe we're in the right direction.

    In the near future we're looking forward to picking a new head admin to replace Yates in his temporary duties and also refresh the whole staff.

    You'll have news on that later this (or next (hopefully this)) month.

  • Yo united, good news!

    I have tried discord a couple of times, but am more attached to TS3, I can't explain why.

    Actually, how popular or active is discord under the PCS users?

    Then I would like to underline your sentence about the future of this community. I also

    feel like things are slowly going into the right direction. I hope it turns out to be true!

    Finally I hope that once the users in this forum get more friendly towards each

    other, we may try to bring back a shoutbox? :P

    PS: Is it possible to turn off these auto-smileys?

  • 'Got a few points

    1. Why isnt Tournaments an own forum category anymore?

    2. The new forum lacks in a good overview of the diffrent categories and forums

    3. Shoutsbox kills activity? Sorry to say, but ur completly wrong there

    4. About new things like discord. Most ppl in here were happy with the way things were (old forum, teamspeak,...) will probably lead them to stop the game than to bring them to use the new things.

    ^ Everythings IMO.

  • Tournaments has its own category. It's just in the CS2D section to make things more clear and organised. Sub-forums no longer spread out and take over 500% of the page. This makes things more clear for new users as the forum no longer appears overwhelming.

    Lol. Please tell me what forums and/or categories you believe are not listed. Don't name crap like a maps section as that got 2 threads each month so it's completely useless to separate it from the general forum.

    Without the shoutbox the average posts and threads have already increased over 100%. If you don't have the stats to back your "opinion" up — don't assume I don't either :P

    If people are not willing to change to a more organised and grouped community, they are welcome to leave.

  • I never said some forums and categorys werent listed.... I just said i think the old overview was better, i just wrote my opinion u dont have to agree.

  • "Without the shoutbox the average posts and threads have already increased over 100%. If you don't have the stats to back your "opinion" up — don't assume"

    XDDD This is just PUREST shit, LUL.

    Let's scroll down home page, what do we see there:

    Users Online
    Record: 12 Users

    Before this forum update we had minimum like 30-40 registered users online every day.

    (quick reply to this:


    Wanted to write damn wall of text, but fuck that, nothing is going to change anyway

    Sry but now I truly lost any will to visit this page, gonna check it in couple of months if anything changed

    cya pcs, gl ! :)

  • st0rm What is your actual problem? Like seriously, all you've been doing for the past 2 months was to complain about everything. Do you actually still hold a grudge against PCS for the whole situation with the switch script? Jesus christ, dude, It was ANDREZ who pushed you away from this communtiy and He is long gone, It has literally nothing to do with united and Yates and It happend fucking 5 months ago. You and 1uP keep repeating yourself over and over again, change the tape please. Every time you make a post or create a topic, it's always about telling everyone how shit this community is. Hey guess what, it is shit because of the people like you who are always complaining instead of coming up with an initiative. It's just annoying. You've been complaining about not changing into the new forum, and when You finally got the fucking update, first thing you do? You complain. Seriously what's wrong with this forum in your opinion? It has a lot of new and good features, forum mechanics are way better than they used to be. Do you really have to cry like a bitch just for the sake of complaining and making you feel better? All this new forum needs right is people who want to help and start things. I want to remind you that you used to complain about shoutbox and now you're just going with a flow like a moron and complain that theres no shoutbox.

    So what that there's 12 people right now and there's been 40? Among those 40 people, 30 was visiting this page for 5 seconds and closing the tab. It's an illusion. Now, You've got 12 people, but they are actually discussing and making posts. If you can't understand the difference, then don't act like you made the definitive argument.

    Storm, You have been welcomed and asked to be our new PCS admin numberous of times and everytime you said no, so please be less arrogant.

    People like magik, 1up, you - all you do is to complain, all the fucking time. 3 heros and their superpower of complaining.

    Every fucking time, you're telling everyone that if pcs isn't going to follow the only true path you got stuck in your head, its doomed forever. How about you fucking share this right path with everyone? Make a topic and fucking list things You belive PCS should do and then and only then, if we ignore you, you are allowed to complain until your last breath.

    This community needs people. I said Im not going to be in the managment, because I dont want to. However, I do not complain like a little bitch. Skrillex proposed he can start a tornament, so retard magik harrased him that he's not suited for the job, even tho magik idea is just "MORE PEOPLE INTO TOURNAMENT ADMIN RANK AND ALSO PLZ MAKE ME TOURNAMENT ADMIN AS WELL COZ I WANT TO FEEL IMPORTANT, BUT HEY AN ACTUAL IDEA? NOPE, NOT HERE< IM HERE JUST TO SWEAR AND COMPLAIN". Kach came up with an initiative, so 1up jumped right on him that kach is not suited for the job either. Hey 1uP you had made tons of posts so far about the fact you want to make tournaments, but you havent made a single PM to Yates to explain him in details your idea or ask him for permissions nor youve made a topic with suggestions and ideas.

    Now, This community has no people willing to work, all this community has is a bunch of guys who complain all the time to make themselves feel better.

  • i wish i could make speech like you kdmrl and talk about lot of shits, but irl not in pcs :/ , am just ignoring ppls and say yes to everyshit, anyway... You are the only one making the community alive, even with just talking, but the game is dead more than pcs, so stop complaining and care about your lives guys until holidays, and yates you made great job until now but you better listen to some peoples opinions and stop Being a robot rejecting like shit without thinking.

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  • Lol yates never rejected anything that was a possible upgrade.

    In fact he said several times that he is open to hear opinions and if the proposition is good enough, make it real.

    Haven't seen ya all ppl in a retarded mode like now, discussing for meaningless shit instead of putting that energy in good things like creating a tournament team for 2 3 reasonable people (not complainers plox) or banning spawny (jk).

  • this is my official candidacy for tournament admin.

    Why me? I have other ideas than the rest of admins, I want to change the league because so far it did not bring progress in acquiring new players and clans.

    my ideas and my vision of the league/cups : the first thing I would like to change would be an approach to new players, which would also impose new laws and regulations for the clans, I would like the PCS community to set the standards. zero tolerance for bad behavior, the league cant be dependent on the whims of players, many times we have seen wrong or not understandable admin decisions because of sympathy for players. access to tournaments for new players must be easy, so I do not want to create old-style tournaments, I'm thinking about using league platforms outside of our community.

    I am waiting for your questions :)

  • XDDD This is just PUREST shit, LUL.

    Let's scroll down home page, what do we see there:

    Users Online
    Record: 12 Users

    Before this forum update we had minimum like 30-40 registered users online every day.

    Lol you mean the 30 spam bots trying to register every single day? You do realize they were not real people. PCS had 1 actual real registration every week, but that's it. Haven't seen a spam bot in a while though, maybe the new forum helped fucking deal with it? Hm?

    I'm on the phone, but let me show you the actual average increase of posts:

    Now please shut the fuck up as you don't know jack shit about anything. Thanks.