PCS 1ON1 V4 - Rules

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    I. General Rules

    1- Everyone must read, understand and agree to the rules for participation

    2- Cheating is strictly forbidden. No player should be manipulating game files nor using unapproved game modifications

    3- Graphics/sound/skin changes are not allowed. Even the small change in original cs2d folder will lead to disqualification from the tournament

    4- New rules can be added and current rules can be changed

    II. Match Regulations

    1- Every round has BO3 system

    2- You can choose each map only two times in the tournament

    3- Each round has to be played in 7 days

    4- The match ends until one player reaches 11th round (MR 10)

    5- If a map ended by a draw, players have to play an overtime (MR 5). (PD: knf has to be played again to pick sides)

    6- Match needs to be hosted by a referee, if there is noone on, it is allowed to play without one

    7- Match might be streamed only if there's a streamer up to do it and both players agree

    III. Anti-Cheat

    1- MOSS is an anti-cheat program, available for download at nohope.eu

    2- Always use the newest version of MOSS

    3- Make sure that anti-cheat on your computer takes screenshots of the game (test it before the match to avoid further issues)

    4- After the match you have 15 minutes to post your moss report in the match topic

    5- Upload anti-cheat report on popular file hosting (e.g. zippyshare)

    6- Attempting to bypass anti-cheat will result in immediate disqualification

    7- If MOSS does not work on your computer, it is allowed to record and post the link on match topic within 24 hours

    IV. Mappack

    - wcl_desert

    - de_silver

    - de_storage

    - cs_office_wcl

    - cs_laska2

    - wcl_remains

    V. Penalties

    1- Caught cheating = disqualification from the tournament and instant blacklist

    2- Skin/Graphic/Sound changes = Disqualification

    3- Broken AC report = rematch (if it belongs to the winner)

    4- Match without AC report from both sides = rematch
    5- Posting AC report after 15 minutes (or after 24 hours if it's a video)= decision up to Tournament Managers

    6- Using old version of MOSS = rematch

    7- If player showed inactivity and deadline ended = w/o to the player who showed up the most

    VI. Server settings

    mp_autoteambalance 0

    mp_buytime 0.25

    mp_freezetime 7

    mp_idlekick 0

    mp_maxclientsip 2

    mp_roundtime 2

    mp_startmoney 800

    mp_unbuyable "Tactical Shield,Aug,SG552,SG550,G3SG1,Scout,AWP"

    sv_fow 1

    sv_friendlyfire 0

    sv_usgnonly 1

    VII. Matches location

    - If players are from different continents, the matches are played as the following:

    • South American vs European ------> USA server both maps.
    • European vs European --------> Any EU server of preference
    • North African vs European --------> GER server
    • European vs Asian -------------> Depends on Asian player's ping, should be either USA or EU.
    • Asian vs American -------------> USA server
    • South American vs North American ------> USA server 1 map, SA server the other (if there's one available).

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