CS2D situation.

  • Hello, I will write only what I think about tournaments on the 2d stage.

    Each tournament in this more beautiful game run by the STORM band shit has no luck that each of them is an imbecile without any honor. I will not recall any evidence, however, I will only add situations from the 2v2 tournament where, together with blaise, we waited all week for ts, yesterday from 21 o'clock I was waiting for ntgots.pl anyway, the same situation from a few years ago led to the fact that just a lot of people stopped playing in it.

    I feel the same now, STORM will never change and until the end of 2d they will be remembered as a bunch of morons. I greet all normal people, we see each other when the shit (storm) ceases to exist, or they are dead.


  • Schez you tried to be sneaky clever. You refused to play after the match and said yourself You can only play between 20-21 and you didnt show up. Noone cares that you were waiting for ntgots.pl or whatever, You were supposed to be at ts3.cs2d.net between 20-21, period. You lost the match fair and square, yet you're angry and type bullshit posts like this. Accept the defeat and move on.

  • Shitstorm started. hovever i dont even said we can play rematch 20-21 ;]
    Szezu it's my brother so stfu and check ip adresses ;]
    Anyway i was in forum, you can check it and in cs2d but no contact from contra.
    it's what i said, storm clan is full of idiots

  • "It was all my brother typing not me!" - hahaha, dudeeeeee, what kind of excuses are these xD? Are you 12? Dont come up with bullshit excuses, just because you cant accept the defeat and how much of a failure ypu are.

    You were supposed to be on ts3, but not some random ntgots.pl, but at ts3.cs2d.net between 20-21 and YOU DIDNT SHOW UP. It is your own fault. Noone gives a single fuck where you were. Worth to mention, You also didnt try to contact with Contra.

    You're crafty, but in the same time, You are a huge ass moron.