mix teams

  • https://discord.gg/Pq5GkMk

    I could also organize tournaments if enough people joined. There wouldn't be any shit like banning random stuff as in ICC by some admin (xd) or letting in "subs" who get in the final without playing a single match LOL. Idk about you people, but pcs tournaments gradually lost their meaning thanks to many idiotic admin decisions. You can expect everything nowadays: from getting punished for using a nicer player skin, to being forced to waste time in an unplayable server with wrong server settings and getting flamed by admin for posting a complaint about that. Also don't even think about watching your opponent's replay - if he is a friend of tournament admin, he can even use cheats blatantly and flame everyone who complains about it. Tournament admin will flame you too because tournament is meant for him to win, not to play for fun^^

    Join for mixteams on gamerscentral.de servers and if more than 50 members join, I will make ESL quality tournaments.

  • A separate channel for mixteams and possibly tournaments is better thank you think. Only verified members can chat and guests can only read. No spam, no random noobs/leavers getting into mix.

    I have 2 discord channels, 1st Wings 2nd 2D League (mixteams).

    What else do you need on discord?