Report: I didn't expect something like this would happen...

  • Hello readers,

    I wanted to report 1uP for an abuse in pcs servers. Wings and Storm were going to organize a clan war. Later, st0rm changed the map to icc_inferno which it was their map.

    Some players from Storm joined the tt team. Then, I joined the ct and got kicked by 1up when no one was in that team.

    Next, I found the server full 12/12. When I messaged him in steam I told him, but I don't remember what it was exactly because he removed me from his friend list.

    After, he said that he will remove me from his friend list and his last word was "fuck you". Even thought we are in managements + we used to be friends.

    I don't need to write all of this in managements section but people deserve to see this. It's a privet server and not his.

  • When someone counts this as it didn't happen to him. He'll act that it's something normal. But, when it comes to the other guy and it's his friend It's something else.

    A moderator is responsible for every action. Being a friend to someone and react to him negatively is bullshit.

    If it was a joke it would be acceptable and I'd laugh. It hurts my heart when I'm friend with someone for couple of years and then he does something like this.

    I would forgive him if he at least said sorry. and I'll delete this topic and he'll stay moderator.

  • Just a few things:


    When you have complains about another pcs member, its not necessary to report this in public - it would have been more accurate if we could have solved it internly. But too late.


    Ur a moderator. When your taking position to a report i exepect you to write neutral, nevermind if he reports a clanmate of yours.


    I didn't know what you were thinking but you won't administrate reports about yourself, just like i wouldn't handle reports about myself.

    To the report:

    It's kinda hard to pull conclusions off your posted logs, so i will try get the full logs from the server and make up my mind then. Constructive replies are allowed, any other will get deleted to beware a clean topic.

  • sv was full and you were kicked because we needed a slot

    other question is why sv has only 12 slots and in general it's set up is garbage xd

    what happened in your private chat is only your business and has nothing to do with abusing on pcs servers, lul

  • I miss the times when two players had an argument or a problem like here and instead of writing on forum they just typed "come 1v1 bitch" "ok go sv??" "i create wait bitch" "ok noob" and then they played, problem solved.

  • I see now his reply "morron" here got deleted or he did it.

    I reported for how he kicked me instead of asking nicely. Kicking a mate in management is bullshit.

    I answered Paset "it was just a kick in cs2d and hurts your heart lmao". I meant it's about the steam conversation.

    You can forgive him here rav3r

    But I won't. Kicking a mate in management is like "???????"

  • Skrillex being "cs2d management team" doesn't make you a super human lol. It seems you got kicked because server was full. Instead of getting upset, you should be happy that you didn't get banned because I remember pcs admins doing that on some occasions when hosting a mix :)

    But then again, sometimes servers were crashed right after that xDD (when you kick/ban exo)

  • Even tho this topic is kinda childish cause it ovbiously is, i will not retract myself cause imo what i did was the right option since server only has 12 slots and we were waiting long to play.

    rav3r indeed, i was just kinda upset at that momment, will take more care in the future.