Autoexec binds

  • so after all these years of letting Steru win tournaments with those binds -which actually everyone can see and take from his autoexec and use- now just cuz I start using them aswell Adam Sniper took a decision to ban it?

    last week i asked Adam about Steru's situation with binds, what is his decision about him, he said its in the rules, binds are allowed, 3rd party programme is not. haha xd etc and a couple days ago in ts i told him i ll be using Steru's autoexec binds aswell then, and he said idk if u gonna use them or not, and i was like wtf? and now

    Slim vs Steru

    its not 3rd party or anything, its "simple" autoexec binds just like any other binds. if u want to be fair, u cant just ban it now. just cuz other people start to use it aswell, it is the most hypocrite thing i have ever seen in this community. u guys let him win multiple tournaments with those binds, when he was the only one that was using it for 3-4 years.

    if u ban it now, remove Steru's all cup wins and pcs awards. wtf is that shit? im gonna use the binds now. nothing u can do about it, its simple autoexec binds. i recommend u to remove ur decision about disqualifying Steru now from the tournament if its only about him using autoexec binds. cuz if u disqualify me aswell cuz of using the autoexec binds, then u will have ur consequences in future.

    also im sharing the binds(my binds) here aswell, just to make sure, people wont bother checking moss reports to find them.

  • and i dont give a single fuck about other tournaments

    my tournaments are IML tournaments

    last time they were in 2014, and somehow noone had any problems with steru

    now i make another in 2018, and Slim has problem, and he is right

    you are now posting it because you wanted to use similar shit as well, and im telling you, you can't do this

  • what u mean? i dont use/have any hack alike programme or ever did, dont confuse me with someone else ;) i ll be using only autoexec binds as i already posted here in the topic

    also afterall, im not the one who let his teammate carry his team or himself to victory in every tournament for years with "simple autoexec binds" if u know what i mean :)

  • The thing that I like in this community when people argue. It just keeps it active 24/7.

    Alright...I don't see any scripts which Steru is using they are just binds as other ones.

    Scripts are like:

    -Spamming those binds without stop once you click on a button[activates the shooting and off it by clicking same button].|-Spams gets activated automatically once the enemy appears and you'll have to aim.

    If people would decide to ban those binds that means they are supposed to ban every single bind that exists. However, people can make binds in console which makes the autoexec clean and clear. Well, I don't use any bind in this game, but for people it seems to be helpful.

    Scripts are something and cheats are something else[worse]"

    Cheats are things which makes the game tooooooooooooooooooooo unfair. Scripts are a bit unfair. I dunno how to explain you this but you'll understand if realize that.

    There is no point in banning Steru just for binds.

    Nowadays, there are programs which can change how buttons work. As an example, you select in autoexec a bind and call it "F5" and the end bind is "F6". To make this easy we try "Mouse 4" Mouse 5". But, the game doesn't support the extra mouse buttons. We download a program which changes the "Mouse 4" to "F5". When the click happens the computer will identify it as "F5" due to the program.

    If you played vs an enemy which uses binds like steru's ones then why don't you use his binds as well? Won't that be fair? Oh wait!!! It's hard to learn! Change the buttons then! Oh my god i can't find good buttons! Then work your ass on learning them... I dunno since when Steru is playing but that's the question for mastering the binds.

    Look at me, I don't use any bind and I'm legit same for Milriko or maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaany others.

    I strongly disagree about banning binds and steru. The game is already 14 years old and we are working to improve it. Not to fuck it up lol.

  • ye thats my point, if its only autoexec binds, why disqualify Steru? or if u ban normal binds now, why did u let him play with more than only binds(?) for years back then?

    idk how those programmes work tho, the thing combining bottons or whatever u just said, but for example in st0rm situation we were able to bust the programme thats doing that, and it was proper solution/bust script. which means scripts are not allowed, also autoexec binds is not equal to script.

  • By the way I wanted to tell you something Lord.

    "or if u ban normal binds now, why did u let him play with more than only binds(?) for years back then?".

    Before there used to be Andrez which accepted binds. Going back in time, I tried steru's old autoexec or it's the same I'm not sure. Andrez check my auto exec and he didn't do anything.

    This is in Adam sniper's hands, it's his hands. When the tournament admin gives unfair decisions [w/o | banning from tournament for no reason etc...] Then, Head Admins will have to shutdown the tournament and lead it to a new tournament manager.

    Binds aren't something big, the binds in beginning where allowed but then they got disabled. This is rules problems if he didn't to prohibit the binds from the start. For other tournaments, it will always land on the manager's hands. For my tournaments I allow binds. Always, I'm not sure of how it will work [ about allowed binds]. It will always depend on the situation. It will require a wise decisions.

  • I agree with Skrillex and binds are there to help you but they shouldn't be considered as 'cheats'. They are there in the game and so everyone can use them. Using 3rd party programs & modifying game files for your advantage are the real cheats.

  • So nice to know... Binds are allowed follow your fucking rulles but anyway I'm banned for binds.... Fuck logic you wrote unknown scripts... What is this can you explain? Cuz we talked only about binds.... Btw I saw this binds in other players reports for example pardon you can check it if files are still exist...

  • if there is a thing except autoexec binds, what is it? or do u confirm that Steru used such thing during this tournament? or i would say if there isnt and u are just talking out of ur mind considering impossible to play normally without; well im kinda optimistic that only with autoexec binds u can do pretty good stuff xd no need for such scripts(3rd party) if u adapt to ur binds well ofc.


    overall proofs used here are all too vague and mostly meaningless, but one of them leads to believe that steru used (unknown) form of scripting that its impossible to play normally without

  • Obama

    Basic, non-bugged binds are allowed.

    bind "mouse1" "slot1;attack"

    bind "mouse2" "slot2;attack"

    Or using another keys to recreate the fast switch "bug" . In your case you're using the same thing, be careful (with or without help of any 3rd party program) ^^.


    Using binds is okay unless you want to create bugs in order to get advantage against your opponent, which is unfair for a decent competition. Steru case is complicated because we didn't know why moss didn't report a single sequence of any key combo even with the logitech program open in the background.

    Not only me but other people told he was abusing this "bug" to get important rounds.

    From steru (match topic vs me):

    "Slim this drivers are for logitech g13 if it's important in the past i had g700 but is broken... now my mouse is esperanza bluetooth mouse also for my notebook"

    So tell me steru, that garbish mouse is compatible with logitech software? Next time make a decent excuse xD .

    And why you open the logitech menu before the game?

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