What to look forward to?

  • Greetings people of our community, I would like to announce a few steps further into the future that may help us grow all together.

    First of all, I want to thank all the staff members to finding the time and putting in the effort to help us grow as a whole.

    Starting with the teamspeak 3, discord dilemma.

    We've had an internal vote about removing TeamSpeak 3 and making Discord our one and only platform of a communication.

    The decision is to keep both platforms in use for now.

    Whilst the thing that changed is, that we will be completely reworking Discord, will make it somewhat like TeamSpeak.

    We will add voice&text channels for each clan, make a section dedicated to clan rankings from tournaments, awards, and rosters.

    We will also add new Discord Admins, Moderators to keep it always perfect for the users. What we want to achieve is a simple yet great for both veterans, and newbies alike.

    Moving on, we are going to be more strict in forum/discord, some of you may have already received final warnings about your profanity, toxicity, and overall attitude.

    Briefly explaining it, creating useless topics with the intent to thrash-talk, spam, etc. Will result in "?" day ban.

    ( ?, will be replaced with a designated number of days, chosen by the moderator appointed to the case).

    Also please, stick to your own tournament topics, please refrain from posting to tournaments topics excluding yourself/your clan.

    This will also result in forum ban.

    Please also note that this topic is closed, there is a separate topic created to make sure you guys can express your feelings and thoughts about these changes.

    Kind regards,