Discussion about new changes

  • Spawny That post makes less sense than your actual existence and that's an achievement. Mainly because of posts like this you will remain banned on pcs discord. You're a small, garbage, pathetic person that noone will ever listen to. I can't take anything you say as more than trash words and so noone should be taking them as more.

    Let me explain for the last time why you were treated that way.

    1) I had you blocked on my discord, so you had me. It was mainly because you were constantly adding some shitty emojis to my posts and insulting me. It was annoying, but that's typical for you. To be an annoying brat that's just pathetic.

    2) First time in like 1 month typing something on discord and it was just a flame to me, so I kicked you, I didnt ban you.

    4) After a while, You started insulting me on this site, so I decided to ban you.

    5) You will remain banned unless You apologize and promise to behave. However, I know for a fact, You won't do it, so just forget about discord and move on.

  • Kontradmiral If you want to give the example of behavior, I think you should start learning. and apologizing on a website to someone you do not know is something completely stupid, As you said, I do not think Spawny wants to apologize :]

    and if you're a big person, I think you should consider looking for a job or doing something with your life and stop playing video games all the fucking day.

    See you later, i love you :>]

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  • Alright stop the flaming and lets talk about the actual changes,

    About ICC i really can't tell when it's gonna start, milriko said he will do it. I suggested that the TA's take over cause he is taking way too much out of our time, most ppl will leave till he does it...Sadly not gonna happen.

    So all questions about icc, well can't answer them ;/.

    If you have any questions about the made changes let me know I'll answer asap ( please note I'm currently really busy so replying might take some time).

  • no mad pls.

    Symp ur language is kinda confusing me, u are saying like 'talk about the new changes' like new things is made/changed. I think u mean 'lets talk about possible positive changes that we can make'.

    I would say do another 1v1 tournament but a quick one. Maybe with rly good players only 16 player max no LB bo3 only 4 matches max would be played for semi finalists. Im saying this i think most people time in summer coming close to be done. For example i wont be playing after 1 month most likely. So in that sense rip ICC for me aswell probably and thats why eXX probably wont register cuz ICC would take a long while. But if u organise it in september then im cool with that.

    So in other words making small tournament 1v1 or 5v5 that will take around 3 week with a bit push would be ideal imo, but u gotta organise it rly fast, i mean just copy paste rules and get a registeration and let people play asap. And give w/o fast and we would be able to finish the tournament asap.

  • Kontradmiral don't you know that i don't give a fk yet?, you must know that, and second thing you have to know that i will never read alot of text like yours at this website because its gonna take me alot of seconds and wast my time, but you know something wait! you know that am stupid right ! and i know nothing, but i know that you are retard person and you should think again about your life, because you are a seriouse piece of shit who can't be deleted even with dettol.

  • Please, if u are going to do a shit tournament as lord mentioned. Don't even do it. If someone is going to do a damn tournaments, it will be milriko.

    I will make a poll about this.