Special Career Award- Speech from Andréz

  • Why do you think you deserve this award?

    Hmm, this question seems like “self brag about why you should be special award”, everyone in the PCS Awards Jury, (where many belong to the PCS management), come to see my work from everyday and despite that some people “(...)constantly disagreed with some of his decisions (Andréz) and specially how he rushes everything, his intentions are purely for the good of PCS and it has, so far, given nice results. “

    And many people claim that I “(...)have been carrying PCS for a long time already”, on the other players are happy with the insane amount of tournaments I made this season others rather call me “(...)the man of the season”.

    I am very grateful with such words, because i feel that my work, despite many confrontations, is recognized, and that's the best that someone which works hard in this community can get, but I am also very happy for the people that came into the “PCS Road” with me, this is working for a competitive community, each member helping for a more organized PCS, or to have more tournaments, helping by streaming matches, others at making maps and members working on perfecting the website, with all this, I really don't feel alone.

    Sometimes I feel like there's too much on my shoulders like, “damn how am I supposed to make 1on1 tournaments, 3v3 tournaments then think and organize PCS Awards to later make WCL and another tournaments” and all this meanwhile im getting more and more busy in real life.

    And yes as many saw, too much on my head leads to my imperfections, translated to my lack of cute details which would make everything much more organized, but yes, I cant do everything.

    Luckily when times go dark then I come to find a new partner (apart from whole PCS Staff), someone to feel motivated and share most of the workload related to tournaments and it becomes Fun again.

    So, after these years as PCS Admin, where sometimes I have felt like one man army, now I am feeling that now we're a team, but it wasn't always like that, times were dark in the start of the season, where most players from now, were inactive but I was there with my insane activity and passion making tournaments, maps, rules, creating things, pushing everyone to play and not to let this game die, fortunately everything became much easier when CS2D went to Steam greenlight.So, after such road, if for such amount of work, players think that I should be Special Award of this year, then I must believe that I deserve it.

    In this interview, I don't speak too much about the people that dislike my work in this community, well we can agree that it's most related to some parts of it, maybe my way of dealing with Rules, which is common sense rather than blindly following a piece of text treating it like if it was some kind of CS2D God.

    This is one of the hardest parts as Admin, dealing with the “oppositors”, the only way to stay in this position and not get too stressed or frustrated when things get disliked or dont go your way (like when many in the past felt like this and therefore simply left PCS Moderator/Admin positions)

    As a final lesson:

    The only way to survive such thing, is to act with fairness, and to always do what you believe is right sticking to your values(well in this case, PCS Ideals), there's nothing that will guarantee that you are right, no matter age or experience, but if you were fair, you have nothing to regret, just keep going and then, you can finally judge based on the overall results.

    If in that road you cared more about your position as player in this community or the ranks of your clan, then leave the position, you're too self centered and you cant be fair for the community.

    Because an admin or tournament admin, gets one thousand ways of chances to cheat(either moving brackets, deflecting rules, picking maps, etc, etc) but the only respectable number is zero.

    Yes that was kinda off the road of the question, but it's my wish, that in some years, when i'll be inactive, someone will remember my advice and guide this community wisely.

    And I might deserve the award, yet there's no certainty that i deserve to be PCS Admin but I am not the one say it, it's the community and my results.

    Seeing that American scene was active last season and not that much in the actual one, do you think Steam release will help American/Worldwide CS:2D scene or it will just fail?

    Yes it will help, but it's a matter of how CS2D can handle it, at the moment I am very worried about not having Competitive mode on it and NO 1x1,2x2,3x3,4x4, 5x5 maps on it, so if players don't come to PCS servers they will simply find that the game is just some casual thing which is also full of cheaters.

  • Paset as far people saw your first reply(I was the first who saw this post) They though Andrez is coming back.

    People this is a person who cares about the game:

    His career in this community was part of his life. It's good to see you back here writing again. Hopefully you enjoy your life mate.

  • Everyone that knows me already knew I was joking xD.

    I talked with him like 5 hours ago and he ain't coming back.

    I am going to wait one week more and if milriko doesn't show up, I will follow Andrez's steps and leave this site.

  • I am going to wait one week more and if milriko doesn't show up, I will follow Andrez's steps and leave this site.

    Not trying to instigate or anything, but I tend to do the same.
    Pubs are boring, retards do not play ranked servers, no teams to play 5x5 against, no tournaments going (and if there will be 1v1 it still wont change shit, we played like 3 1v1's in a row already).

    There must be ICC & WCL as it was promiced.
    Or someone has to grow balls and create topic and tell why he does not do it.

  • Indeed, until more players influx this whole game is stopped. I am still thinking about making a cs style 1v1 server where many matches can happen at the same time and players get new opponents based on stats. It's the only type of community servers which is always full in cs16/cs:go because it is easy to get into and every match lasts only 1 round.

    But I am not rushing anymore because at the moment there are very few players visiting CS2D on daily basis :d

  • Audi you mean just in csgo? When you join a 1v1 server and meet random players always same map but its position is too far. I don't know if it's possible for cs2d but I think you will need to make the map big as hell