PCS Master Cup Rules

  • PCS Master Cup Rules

    1. General Rules

    1. By registering to the tournament you verify that every single player of your team has read, recognized and agreed with PCS Master Cup Rules;
    2. Cheating, third party programs, hacks and other similiar things are not allowed and will be strictly punished;
    3. Graphics (paragraph 7. Pointers of PCS Master Cup Rules) / sound files changes are not allowed! Every change will be punished;
    4. Every Rules violation will be punished (paragraph 7. Pointers of PCS Master Cup Rules);
    5. Everyone has to use clean version of CS2D downloaded from http://www.cs2d.com or Steam;
    6. MOSS is Anti Cheat used in this tournament (paragraph 9. Punishments of PCS Master Cup Rules);
    7. Rules might be updated at any time by tournament manager.

    2. Registration

    1. Since tournament format is League, there is no limit for registered teams;
    2. Every team can register up to 5 players, therefore on special occasions team might be allowed to register with more players;
    3. Team must be registered by creating topic, where participant must fill an application example;
    4. Player can be allowed to play for other team by means of a transfer (paragraph 3. Player Transfers of PCS Master Cup Rules).

    3. Player Transfers

    1. Each player can be registered only in a single team;
    2. Players are transferred IN and OUT in registration topic of appropriate team;
    3. Player that you are transferring IN must not be registered for any other team;
    4. If player you want to transfer IN is already registered for other team, he must be first successfully transferred OUT of his current team;
    5. Player has to wait 1 match delay if he played a match for any other team, or team which he was transferred to has played a match already;
    6. On special occasions transferred player might be allowed to play without waiting out 1 match delay, if tournament management & opponent team agrees to.

    4. Tournament Format

    1. Tournament Format is League;
    2. Your team will have to play against every single team registered in tournament;
    3. Match between two teams must be played before settled by tournament manager deadline;
    4. On special occasions at the request of one of the teams, match deadline could be extended by tournament manager;
    5. Tournament winner is determined after all matches are played by tournament table, which consists of:
      1. Points: received for winning matches / maps;
      2. Rounds difference: [rounds won] - [rounds lost] = [rounds difference]
      3. Rounds won
      4. Rounds lost
    6. Priority in Table: Points > Rounds difference > Rounds won > Rounds lost
    7. Points receiving logic:
      • Victory with 2:0 score over maps: +3 pts;
      • Victory with 2:1 score over maps: +2 pts;
      • Loss with 1:2 score over maps: +1 pts;
      • Loss with 0:2 score over maps: +0 pts;
    8. Points and Rounds calculations in w/o case in match:
      • w/o victory: +3 pts; +20 rounds;
      • w/o loss: +0 pts; -32 rounds.

    5. Matches Regulation

    1. Every match must is played in Best-of-3 format;
    2. Victory in match acquired when one of teams claims victory on two maps;
    3. Teams must determine maps of match (paragraph 6. Maps Determination of PCS Master Cup Rules);
    4. At the beginning of the game, teams play a knife round to choose a map which will be played first, then knife round is played again for side to begin on;
    5. Every map format is played in Maximum rounds 12, which means:
      • rounds per half - 12;
      • rounds to win - 13;
    6. In case there is a tie (12:12 score after both halves played), teams must play overtime (Maximum rounds 5, startmoney 16000);
    7. In case if teams tied in overtime (5:5 score after both halves played), teams must play another overtime;
    8. Match must be played on appropriately set up server (paragraph 10. Server Settings of PCS Master Cup Rules);
    9. Match must be played on server, where ping difference between teams is the least;
    10. Match can be spectated by other players (yet immediate bans will follow in case of attempts to interrupt the match / distract players);
    11. After match is over, winner of match must post screenshot of every half in match topic;
    12. After match is over, every single player of match must have his Moss report posted in match topic.

    6. Maps Determination

    1. Map pool:
      • pcl_dust
      • pcl_junk
      • pcl_atlanta
      • pcl_abandon
      • pcl_mill
      • de_lennox
      • pcs_dust3
      • de_piast
      • de_minidust2
      • pcs_crossfire
      • de_infernopod_3x3
    2. Map pack: Master Cup - Mappack;
    3. Each team must pick map in match topic;
    4. Each map can be picked only once by team through the tournament;
    5. Elimination will be made 1 by 1; teams will eliminate 2 maps, then pick 1 map and continue eliminating for 3rd map.

    7. Pointers

    1. Custom Pointers (pointers that are different from the one in the game) are allowed;
    2. Every player who wants to have different pointer, needs to apply in appropriate topic: Pointer Application topic;
    3. Every pointer application needs to be accepted by tournament managers;
    4. Pointers that have already been accepted in a proper application form are allowed to be used by everyone else participating in the tournament;
    5. People who decide to use already accepted pointers do not have to inform of that situation to Tournament admin or their opponent;
    6. Each player can apply only 1 time.

    8. Anti-Cheat

    1. MOSS is an anti-cheat program, available for download at http://nohope.eu;
    2. You must always use the newest version of MOSS;
    3. If Moss does not work properly on your computer, it is allowed to record your gameplay (via Bandicam, Fraps, OBS etc.) and post video in match topic within 24 hours;
    4. You should test the Moss before playing your match for any kind of errors (any excuses will not be considered!);
    5. Having black screenshots will lead you to use the moss with a recorder (sound is not required);
    6. Moss report must be posted in match topic in 15 minutes after match is over;
    7. Upload your anti-cheat report on popular file hosting (e.g.: https://zippyshare.com)
    8. Attempting to bypass anti-cheat will result in immediate disqualification from the tournament and with possible stricter punishments later.

    9. Punishments

    1. Caught cheating - disqualification from the tournament and blacklist in PCS;
    2. Skin / Graphic / Sound changes of the game - rematch;
    3. Unapproved pointer - rematch;
    4. Fast switch programs / autohotkey scripts - w/o for other team;
    5. Broken Moss report - rematch (if it belongs to the winner team);
    6. Game without Moss - w/o to the other team (if both teams decide to play without Moss - both teams receive loss by w/o);
    7. Posting Moss report after 15 minutes or after 24 hours if it's a video - decision up to tournament tanagers;
    8. Not posted Moss from either WINNER or LOSER at any circumstances - decision up to tournament tanagers;
    9. Using old / outdated version of MOSS - rematch;
    10. In case when team does not show up at settled time of match or shows inactivity / low interest, opposing team might be awarded with w/o;
    11. Match played with unsanctioned (not registered) player - rematch;
    12. In case some player shows bad behaviour, insults, flames during the match, it is required to create appropriate topic and provide a screenshot and logs as a proof. Punishment - warning / penalty [depends on severity of the offense];
    13. On repeated occasions of abusing rules the term of the punishment is determined by the tournament management, but no less than for the previous abuse. Administration members are deputed to increase the term using their own discretion up to disqualifications.

    10. Server Settings

    Server must be set up with following settings :

    • mp_antispeeder 0
    • mp_autoteambalance 0
    • mp_buytime 0.25
    • mp_freezetime 7
    • mp_grenaderebuy 0
    • mp_idlekick 0
    • mp_infammo 0
    • mp_kickpercent 0
    • mp_mapvoteratio 0
    • mp_maxclientsip 1
    • mp_maxrconfails 5
    • mp_pinglimit 0
    • mp_postspawn 0
    • mp_roundtime 2
    • mp_shotweakening 30
    • mp_smokeblock 1
    • mp_startmoney 800 (16000 in overtime)
    • mp_unbuyable "Tactical Shield,AWP,Aug,SG552,SG550,G3SG1,Scout"

    • sv_fow 1
    • sv_friendlyfire 0
    • sv_password match (default)
    • sv_specmode 2
    • sv_usgnonly 1

    • stats_rank 0
    • transfer_speed 250

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  • u forgot about overtime startmoney xd nice tho-didnt read all but overall- better than 1up's new rules topic- aka copy paste of naviks's-

    No I did not

    • mp_startmoney 800 (16000 in overtime)

    But okay, I will add near rounds info too so it wont be missed.

    Thanks :>

  • hello, since its decided that st0rm's rules will be used in tournament, i felt like writing in this topic and i just wanna point out that mappool has 11 maps, therefore picking straight up 2 maps, and leaving 9 maps to be eliminated for 3rd map, doesnt make that much sense to me, tbh. i think that rule can be changed like this; so the map picking/elimination will make more sense; 4 map eliminated then 2 map picked then 4 map eliminated again and 11th map will be 3rd map. just like in this example topic PCS Master Cup - Elimination example

    what do u think? 1uP  

  • i think u should take the decision asap, if u gonna fix that rule like that; so that round 2 match topics wont be affected from that rule fix/change; and do their pick/elimination by the new system.

  • So now l@rd sets up rules? What kind of bullshit is that?
    I don't want to play at tournament when random guy can come to Rules topic and write 1 message to change rules as he likes.

  • what do u mean? u are the main random guy, that changed whole rule topic? plus i didnt change anything, i gave idea; and it was taken into consideration, and they argued thought it through in management section and they give the final decision. plus, it makes more sense then picking 2 maps straight up, which is why they fixed/changed the rule. plus you are not the tournament admin, even if u were in management section, there is an agreement is being taken together in whole management; so anyone would have to be cool with management's overall aggreement.

    also do u mind stop reacting every single thing like that please? its getting antipathetical. :rolleyes:

  • what do u mean? u are the main random guy, that changed whole rule topic? plus i didnt change anything, i gave idea; and it was taken into consideration, and they argued thought it through in management section and they give the final decision. plus, it makes more sense then picking 2 maps straight up, which is why they fixed/changed the rule. plus you are not the tournament admin, even if u were in management section, there is an agreement is being taken together in whole management; so anyone would have to be cool with management's overall aggreement.

    At this point I don't know if you are truly retarded or just pretending to be.
    I didn't change rules AT ALL, I've completed them and rewritten them from the scratch without a single change in anything. And you must thank me for doing this, instead of calling me "the main random guy". If you actually use brain and try to understand my last reply, you would realize that my message wasn't meant to insult you or anything, it is complaint to competence of TA's.

    So back to the topic.
    Now every time someone will complain about anything in rules or suggest something or whatever else - you will edit it on next day? Why should I play in tournament where we change rules all the time?

  • 7.Rules might be updated at any time by tournament manager.

    We are just trying to set up the best tournament or change the things we think can be upgraded/corrected for you guys.

    Also i'm surprised lord had a constructive idea for once, why should that be a problem.

  • i completely agree with you st0rm, and its my whole point, also it doesnt have any insult purpose too. it simply says that u dont have any rank in pcs management, just like i dont. i shared an idea, they took it into consideration and used it; just like u wrote rules; they took it into consideration; and decided to use them. i dont rly understand you. ?(

  • It just makes me mad that we have to change rules every fucking day.

    1uP It is easy to fucking actually sit down and spend 30 minutes, reading whole topic and fixing what you think is wrong, instead of yelling that you are busy with a lot of stuff (playing LoL). Especially considering that I did all the "hard work" instead of you already.

    Making something ONCE, GOOD, for a long time makes you look professional and respected.
    Editing it on and on every day makes you look like a fool trying to finish something you don't really care much about.

  • chill please, they didnt edit anything untill mappick/elimination at ur rules. and there is nothing wrong with fixing and creating better rules. i agree with u about rules must have been perfect before the tournament started. but Milriko left the job, and new people dont have much experience, so its fine that these stuff happen; since it doesnt rly affect tournament matches that much atm. specially starting from round 2.

  • Well let me see, the first rules were bad, cause they had alot of stuff missing on them, so we changed to other rules, a copy paste with added things but still not complete, when finally you did bring us proper rules we are currently using them, but i don't remember we changed an specific rule, also don't worry we won't change rules every single day, i'd say we don't need changes anymore after that one.