PCS News 03/08/18

  • Hello community.

    To begin with the points like past time an introduction is not needed.

    1- Our future 5n5 tournament will be delayed, it will be released as soon as current 3n3 tournament ends successfully, i stimate it will be around last week of august or first week of september (registration).

    2- Since Naviks was removed from Tournament Admin role under my criteria, i would like to invite someone capable to do it or that want to help cs2d.net to contact me on private msg/discord, im most of the time online on discord since i have it on movilephone. It's not necessary but everyhelp will be apretiated.

    3- Since i have been having alot of issues managing the community alone since Milriko left pcs, i'm glad to announce that Symp will be new Admin of cs2d.net together with me, he will help me alot at the momment of taking decissions such as rules,bans,warns etc. You can ask him anything you need, he is willing to help the community as much as i do, let me know if you like the idea.

    4- For what i could see, forum has been getting more views of users, i'm really happy of it because that means cs2d competitive is retaking its color, and it will be super helpful for the future tournaments, thanks everyone for visiting the forum and being active here.

    That's everything i can say for the momment, let me know your thoughts about new stuff/changes, and also use this topic to give constructive ideas in case you have any.

    1up. 03/08/18

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