[Round V] eXXaLTeD ' vs :[ Wings ]:

  • i dont have blackscreens tho; u do.

    You have auto fire scripts in your autoexec whereas this moss bug of occasional black screens is easy to replicate. I had time to troll with storm_pl so I posted "video proof" but you think I'll post videos every match? It would make sense if everyone recorded together so we play in same conditions - we can even record with sound for all I care as long as you also are forced to play in same conditions. Why am I the only one who has to post anti cheat proof? What about skrillex? Where is his video?

    As I said, upload your video then I will upload mine. Otherwise stop pestering me like other moomoo kids "PLEASE POST DA VIDEOOOO PLLSSSS"

  • simple autoexec binds are allowed, blackscreens in moss isnt, i am not able to follow ur point.

    also the thing im trying to say, moss is better detecting some stuff recording cant( in other ways u can by pass some stuff by recording instead of using moss) but while using moss there are some terms that moss report can be qualified as clean report, and those terms need to be fullfilled. anyway u know all these so stop talking useless please.

    if u reject to upload ur whole record; i ll be just waiting for decision of PCS. p,s why are we using moss, if we wont fullfill its outcomes that would make the report clean?

    and also if they wont take any decision; for further tournaments; moss must be a must, recording shouldnt be allowed, and moss report must be clean as fuck to be accepted. or as in this match there are some questions.

    i dont think its hard to get moss working clean as it can get, i never had that issue where i wouldnt able to fix any error moss had before any match. idk probably cuz i dont add/do/use anything else except default cs2d files i guess.