It is finally coming!

  • Good day readers!

    Considering that I've been invited to do it multiple times, and seems like nobody else is there to do it, I have decided to take this on.

    I'm going to host 5x5 tournament - basically the main event of this game in the whole year.

    Tournament will be called WCM v1, which stands for World CS2D Masters volume 1 (yes, I hope that we will have another editions of this tournament ;) ).

    At the beginning I will manage it alone and only, as I don't want anyone to interrupt and/or distract me in what I'm going to do, as I have checked my plans for my Autumn, and I think I will have just enough time to do it all on my own. Though, if I won't be making it, I will ask someone to back me up with some stuff.

    Important moment to say right away - I will not tolerate any shitposting or flaming in section of my tournament. Also I will not warn people - I will ban for breaking rules right away.
    Any complaints regarding this you can keep by yourself as this was agreed with PCS managers.
    So please, think before posting anything and read Rules of PCS forum.

    I am planning to start registration around 17th of September (17.09), end registration on 28th of September (28.09) and start tournament itself (open match topics) on 1st of October (01.10).

    Until then I will be preparing some stuff like:

    • Map pack;
    • Rules;
    • Tournament format;
    • Servers (I am thinking about having all matches played on special script by Audi );

    and other things.

    Quick overview on what I'm thinking about:

    I'm planning to have two stage tournament: Round-Robin Group stage with all teams in the same group, and then K.O. single elimination stage.

    Let's say 6 teams register.

    In outcome we have tournament with 15 matches with possible rematches in Play-Offs, so teams have chance to train and beat their offender from group stage ;)

    Sure, if we will have more teams, amount of matches will increase. If we have 8 teams, every single team might qualify to K.O. stage with same logic (1 vs 8, 2 vs 7 etc.), but then matches could be changed to Bo1 format this could take way too long.

    If we will have less than 6 teams, I will probably just make Round-Robin tournament (like 3x3 Cup).


    As it is planned right now, matches are going to be Bo3 though whole tournament. If there will be 7-8 teams, as written above, I will consider making Bo1 Group stage, and then Bo3 in Knock-Out stage.
    Matches gonna be as with usual settings - Max Rounds 15, OverTime - Max rounds 3 with 16.000$.
    There will be only one knife - for first map to be played. Knife for side is not needed, since the team will pick side on map of their p
    As we are most likely going to use script for that, I want to add +money for planted bomb as it is right now in matchmaking script, and also maybe bonus money for killing with knife/other weapons.

    Veto system gonna be same as in CS:GO:

    Team A eliminates map;

    Team B eliminates map;

    Team A picks map;

    Team B picks map;

    Team A eliminates map;

    Team B eliminates map;

    Map left over.

    I plan to make it like in CS:GO to have 7 maps.
    I know it is going to be complicated to satisfy everyone's desire, but I am 100% sure I want to have 4 maps:

    For remaining maps I would create poll to pick from X maps 3 best ones. Possible poll to pick from:

    Regarding teams that will register.

    Of course, teams are basically what make the tournament, this is the most important thing - to make sure we have as much teams as we possible can have, especially in tough times for this game like right now.

    For now, teams that I think it's almost certainly going to register are:

    :[ Wings ]: , .|uN.Sk1LLs|' , eXXaLTeD '.

    I would like leaders of all other teams:

    North - manioo   Mazillka

    attention.sports - kach   hugoo  
    - Paset   Tad1c

    to reply either to me in PM, or here in topic - what do you think about this, are you going to register / what are the chances of you registering, and if Not - why you wont.

    Although, guys like magik , Saint , King X , S!im* and others, who are clanless and playing game - it would be sick to see you guys forming up another team and participating.
    I mean, I can not force you to make a clan nor in general ask anything alike, but it would be cool to see "free agents" making up another team(s) to have more competition.

    Everyone, I want you to take part in building up the hype around this tournament. Please make sure you spread the news in Facebook groups, (probably gonna do it myself), Steam groups, also in publics - everywhere, that there will be 5x5 tournament in CS2D once again!

    Perhaps teams like Tahribat, whose players we can see in pubs from time to time, or maybe old polish dinosaurs =[DoD]=, or maybe that WTP clan whose players are all around in pubs, or any other team will be interested in playing it.


    Please remember - most of everything I wrote is just a plans which I want to share with you guys, that's still not certain thing to happen.
    I want to gather feedback of people on everything I wrote here, so please feel free to share your thoughts.

    See you around! ;)

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  • hey gl, just want to point out 2 things rly quick that i see in ur text; 17th registeration starts and 1.10 tournament starts? Its like same thing like 3v3 tournament happened. People were active then got bored waiting for tournament to be started. So considering the activity of community atm, i would suggest starting registerstion and the tournament 1-2 week earlier, if its possible. Cuz 1.10 is like 1 month away from atm.

    2nd thing is about de_mirage; i rly like the new tileset of mirage but i think old mirage was already balanced enough in terms of ct tt mechanics; u were able to make plays both side; u were able to crush enemy team both ct and tt. So in that sense at down bombspot; jump out from palace is a thing that should be reversed to the original. That jump out makes tts more powerful and also makes cts less powerful; so it dmges the mechanics of map, which as i said was rly good before. Hope it will be reversed to the way how it was working, going to down bombspot from palace via ladder.

    Thx, thats all for now. Gl again

  • About registration - these dates are not exact. There's a lot of factors which can change the dates.
    I don't know how much time it might take Quat to create script (if he is even going to do it?) and how much time it will consume to think through, and test with him all details - overtimes, +money, scores, damage, mvp and many more.
    I don't know how much time I will need to make rules and mappack and draw table and other stuff.

    Also ex0's blacklist must be ending in September (no exact date since I can not find blacklist topic on this forum? - 1uP maybe you can help?) so it actually increases chances of attn participating if he's unblacklisted, and so on.
    I think that most likely start of registration will remain same (maybe few days earlier), and it's end will be earlier, like ~24th or earlier, and then tournament start after few days.

    About mirage - I'm sure about this mirage and I won't use different one. Original mirage is a bit ct sided, and in my opinion this jump off brings balance - ct's have to fall back and play retake of lower bombsite, or play more defensive, or more aggressive to not let tt get out of palace. More focus on lower bombspot might bring more teams going B site with A fake. And even despite that change, map is still favors ct side according to scores on mixteams.

    I want to repeat - please take part in building up the hype around this tournament. Spread the news in Facebook group if u have any, if anyone visits it, Steam groups, also in public servers.
    Perhaps we could add server message which shows every minute, with message like "5x5 tournament is starting soon" - I think it would attract more people, if not to the tournament, then to community itself for sure.

  • tbh i understand u are trying to create the best job u can do in this 5v5 - for example quattro's script etc- but i think it is just good enough, if u can create a proper 5v5; no such need for creating best 5v5 ever atm in my opinion. but ye, i will be discussing about other stuff later on, dont wanna turn this into something else here in public topic.

  • I suggest making a poll about it and if we have at least 30 positive votes from different people I will consider making it happen. Otherwise I think classic servers will suffice for a troll community :D

  • Important moment to say right away - I will not tolerate any shitposting or flaming in section of my tournament. Also I will not warn people - I will ban for breaking rules right away.

    Any complaints regarding this you can keep by yourself as this was agreed with PCS managers.
    So please, think before posting anything and read Rules of PCS forum.

    Last warning

  • thanks that someone still remembers me :D I do not want to play tournaments anymore and compete with other players, right now is a hard time in my life - my daddy died :(

    I am waiting for matches on