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  • Which 3 maps you want to have in WCM v1? 22

    1. de_cache (12) 55%
    2. de_cpl_mill (13) 59%
    3. de_tuscanpod (9) 41%
    4. icc_nuke (15) 68%
    5. de_kabul (6) 27%
    6. icc_aztec (8) 36%

    As I have said in announcement topic, I want to have 7 maps in this tournament.

    4 maps are picked by me:

    de_mirage -

    up_train -

    icc_inferno -

    de_cobblestone - (either this or of FDK will redesign it)

    And for remaining 3 maps I wanted create poll to let community pick maps.

    So, here's the options:

    de_cache -

    de_cpl_mill -

    de_tuscanpod -

    icc_nuke -

    de_kabul -

    icc_aztec -

    Rest of the maps like arno, thorpod, cima, dust2 and other I assumed irrelevant / overplayed / outdated.

    So please select 3 maps from suggested 6.
    I'm going with de_cache, de_cpl_mill and de_kabul.
    For people I would highly recommend people to pick de_cache. It is very sick map and you definitely should try this out. Extremely detailed.

    Here is beta mappack:

    It consists maps de_mirage, up_train, icc_inferno, de_cobblestone, de_cache, de_cpl_mill.

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  • i voted for

    -de_cpl_mill cuz its a good map,

    -de_tuscanpod cuz its been a while since we played this map in a tournament, we kinda stoped playing it since it was being played too much, but i think its time to bring it back in mappool,

    -icc_aztec cuz its also a dynamic map; which is better than other options.

    wanna also comment on other optional picks;

    -kabul is way too big to enjoy a nice 5v5.

    -nuke just like tuscanpod its time for this map to stay out, also map's main structure isnt that fun imo.

    -cache, i dont think we should put such a map that wasnt even tested/played in many mix into the mappool, which im not sure if its a good map at all.

    other than that, i saw u picked up_train, up_train has its specific characteristics, such as open t entrance and ladder is 1 way which cts have time advantage, so imo up_train is worse than de_train. i dont rly remember enjoying that map in any mixes that much compared to any other maps.

  • de_cache layout is sick, you've designed that st0rm ? Is new or you just pick one old cache map and made a new layout?

    If the timings are good (idk if you've tested) mabye is good to give a try.

  • de_cache was made by StirlizZ.
    Timings are good, I have checked it myself.

    We could try it out on mixteams on this week. There's too many files to download from server, so please everyone download it from mappack and lets try it out.

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  • There was an older version of cache and I kinda still remember it, the tiles that I've seen are just changed to csgo mod.

    Cache is fine we played it before multiple times in 2014-2015.

    My vote: Sometimes I like to change cpl_mill with nuke/cache.




    For the maps you picked I'd like to ask you about changing up_train to icc_train if possible.

  • I personally feel that up_train is still worse than the de_train we all know. It may be a bit old, but it's still playable as hell with (still) much left to offer. We played up train many times last year and never enjoyed it and then we stopped playing it.

    There is no icc_train noobs.

  • Yeah, don't vote nuke, vote for cache 8)

    Fine, train will be reconsidered. I just thought up_ version looks very fresh compared to old de_ version, plus I can't really recall when it was last time played.

  • Yeah, don't vote nuke, vote for cache 8)

    Fine, train will be reconsidered. I just thought up_ version looks very fresh compared to old de_ version, plus I can't really recall when it was last time played.

    u could ask someone to retile the de_train with up_train tiles

    please tho stop voting for nuke, change ur vote if u can. its so boring to play that map pleaseeeeeee

    btw this topic doesnt mean u will for sure take the poll result right? just to get an idea, also since we will be testing the maps in mixes, i guess it ll be more important right?

  • Milriko what do u think about de_tuscanpod and also de_mirage jump out from palace to down bombspot, or should be like original? 1 tiled ladder for dropping out of palace to bombspot? wasnt mirage balanced enough? i think that jump out makes it unbalanced, what do u think?

  • I just want to play kabul it has completly different rotations and tactics to other maps, i remember it was for 1 icc i don't remember which one, but it's funy

  • Currently 3 maps are ahead - mill, nuke and cache, and I think these 3 are probably making it to mappack, since nuke and mill are reeeeally ahead of other maps (12 and 11 votes), and cache is just too good to be dismissed or swapped with tuscan or aztec.

    de_cobblestone hopefully will be redesigned by FDK, and also up_ or de_ train version is still to be determined.

    All maps could be tested on mixteams on this week, but I repeat: make sure you download mappack with cache, since it has a looooot of files to load from sv.

    That's it for now.