Complaint / Report example

  • If you have a problem related to:

    • Your or your opponent's Anti-Cheat report after match;
    • Players bad behaviour in match;
    • Rules being incorrect / something missing;
    • any problem related to the WCM v1;

    please feel free to create new topic in this subforum.

    Based on your reports players will receive punishments and bans, so please follow the guidelines specified below to save time & nerves!


    Topics like "PLES HELP", "OMG HACKER", "MOSS BROKEN" and alike won't be considered and posters of those will get warned and / or banned.

    If those problem's discussions will escalate in match topics, those users will get punished too.

    Any offtopic messages from users in report topics will get deleted and posters of those will get warned and / or banned.

    Please use as topic name exact problem and / or persons involved, and then provide constructive message which explains your point of view.


    Your report will be examined and in case Rule break will be detected, violators will get punished accordingly.

    Punishments will be posted in separate appropriate topic in Punishments & Penalties section.