Moss Bypass by Quattro

  • Hi, everyone; before i just jump into the topic, i just wanna say this is not personal, im openning this topic because of an "act". i will try to give reply to every question, every objection about anything, cuz im pretty sure im right about this, and i would like to see PCS Management take this seriously. anyway lets not spam in the topic, and have a constructive argument.

    my proof of "bypassing" moss is indirect; but im sure it is a real proof. in the video below; there are 2 shoots i detected as a 99 percent,as of a proof of switch script:3 action bind:instaswitch:gun;shoot;knf.

    1st shot with deagle; between 18.54-18.55, there is only 1 shot, also on 45.39 ak shot to break the balcony wall. u can watch it with normal speed a couple times, then watch with 0.50 speed a couple times, and even with 0.25 speed slow mo, u can clearly see its still insta switch; then after u watch in slow mo i recommend watching with normal speed again. i watched a lot of times; i still cant hold myself to think anything else than switch script, which is why i created this topic.

    therefore, since he used switch script(some form of that) it is indirect proof of bypassing moss, since moss logfile wasnt able to detect the programme he used. quattro's moss report is shared below.

    another reason why i opened this topic, is that PCS Management didnt even consider my protest about his blackscreens, as u can see in his reports; there are many randomly placed blackscreens in his report. However, the result was confirmed, even tho Rules were specific as u can see @ PCS Master Cup Rules @ 8. Anti-Cheat and 9. Punishments

    1. You should test the Moss before playing your match for any kind of errors (any excuses will not be considered!);
    2. Having black screenshots will lead you to use the moss with a recorder (sound is not required);
    3. Attempting to bypass anti-cheat will result in immediate disqualification from the tournament and with possible stricter punishments later.
    1. Caught cheating - disqualification from the tournament and blacklist in PCS;
    2. Fast switch programs / autohotkey scripts - w/o for other team;
    3. Broken Moss report - rematch (if it belongs to the winner team);

    the expectation of myself from this topic, and for future, is not giving someone huge penalty/ban/blacklist, not even ban just like it happened before in Andrez's time (about switch script), or it is not even rly about whether having a rematch for the final match or not. all i rly want from PCS, and PCS Management to take an action about this, and promiss that these stuff will not be tolerated in further tournaments. Moss is a simple programme; its pretty easy to fix its blackscreens or any issue. btw quattro had blackscreens in stormpl moss report too, not sure if PCS Management interested but, just saying.

    just want to clear things out, cuz i know that it will be written as a reply down there,

    A) the reason why i waited to open this topic, 1st i wanted to open a topic about Milriko, and hopefully have someone in charge as fair, unbiased, experienced in PCS Management, so that this topic would be taken seriously, and i would believe its outcomes truely since Milriko would have been in charge, as fair, unbiased, experienced one, unlike i believe the current PCS Management. On the other hand, that topic's 2nd reason of openning, even tho i know Milriko might decline (since he was a bit hesitant about the decision, and i was trying to give him the encouragement he possibly needed, considering the situation of PCS recently), that topic might take some attention of PCS Management, and they would finally become more fair, and unbiased to everyone. 2nd, i kinda wanted to chill around a bit, since 5v5 tournament was published to start in 1 month or something.

    B) this topic, as i said, is not personal, the thing between me and quattro(that he banned me from his servers, cuz i accused him with switch script usage), or quattro's behaviour in general has nothing to do with this topic, or its creation reason.

    C) some people, probably quattro, will say "what about ur binds" or something like that, i want to repeat here, autoexec binds are allowed, they are 2 action binds, as i shared in a topic, as everyone can use them, just like Steru has been using them for years.

    D) some people, like kdmrl, might say "there are only 2 moments, u posted here" as i said i started using autoexec binds, they took me a very long while to get used to(whole summer, u mind say) so it takes time to get used to that, and rly be able to use them properly and continuously. if u arent used to them, if u arent willing to force urself to adapt to them, or rather u dont rly want to change the gamestyle/gameplay u are doing, u wont be able to use them that often, or as i said it will take long time to use them properly.On the other hand, proof is proof, u cant just ignore them just cuz the player isnt saying "HEY, im hacking" if u know what i mean.

    If we, PCS rly want to continue playing this game for as much as possible and enjoy the gameplay as fair, as competitive as possible as long as we can, i repeat myself; this topic need to be taken seriously. and also, i want to repeat myself again; im not asking for the player to be banned, or punished hard at all. i just want to have a promising action from PCS Management. whether or not there will be rematch or whatever (u can still ignore and give the win to the Wings); Quattro atleast, in further tournaments/matches, have to use Moss properly without any issues(blackscreens etc) and record himself too.

    That's all, thx for reading. Hoping see u guys' cooperations. I just want to enjoy playing this game as much as possible, in fair, competitive, and toxic free atmosphere. Please, ignore spams.


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    Edit: Sorry for my useless comment. I read the first part of your post and I watched the 2 scenes in the video.

    To me the switches look fast, but nothing strange. I can switch fast too sometimes. I don't understand why you

    believe that this is a reason to punish Quattro.

    Maybe other guys will have a different opinion though.

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  • did u watch in slow mo too? 0.50 and 0.25, to me its crystal clear.

    st0rm i wrote that to yates, who has no business with quattro ingame, or ever will have, and it was about his spams. anyway went off topic a bit. mods are free to delete spams btw ?(

    btw this is being used right? PCS Forum Rules - BAN SYSTEM.

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  • Ban system is only for flame, not spam, so dont put your stupid preasure on me and literally tell me to warn them, i will not do it. I told you that you will have to accept that this topic will be mocked on and thats all. Spam will get deleted anyway.

    About the topic, i told you this at least 10 times, its not switch script, its not even standing near that, Quattro managed to change his guns faster and thats all. Those situations didnt even require for him to use the switch script. Why would he use it then? Whats the point of bypassing moss? Also You quoted rules and they state that if you have black screens, then you must use recording as well.

    Lord, you are being extremely biased wether you like it or not. You are hating on Quattro because he's been mean to you. Noone has been using switch script for almost a year, you dont even know how it looks like anymore, not mention use it. Theres not a single recording of switch script. I tested it and its way way way quicker than what quattros managed to click in the game.

    You are putting a ridicolous preasure on the managment, that if we dont do what you want then we are biased and unfair and blablabla. So what if i honestly disagree with you? What if entire managment including Milriko just honestly disagree with you? Are we biased? Everytine you post this bullshit and say that you want managment to be unbiased, what you mean is that you want us to agree with you and if we dont, we are biased. Bullshit.

    Besides, switch script isnt even a cheat so it cannot be considered to a blacklist, its unfair advantage but surely not a cheat and I stand by this.

    To sum up: for me its not even standing nwar proof. You are unable to provide us even a way to bypass moss. You are saying he bypassed it but how? Are you able to prove how?

    Im gonna wait for serious answer from Audi   1uP and Milriko and if you are unable to provide more proof to what you ate accusing Quattros for, to me this is a closed topic then.

  • St0rm, I'm glad you're considering this topic as an useless spam, but I'm gonna wait for those 3 individuals I mentioned. These are some serious accusations thrown at Quattro by Lord. Despite the fact I personally disagree with Lord and I know that Quattro's not using any external 3rd party program to get unfair advantage over other people, He should at least clarify this for Lord. If he doesn't want to do it then yes it's his right, but I think We should explain Lord that Quattro's clean and He should hear it from couple of different people to get over his issue with Quattro. What's the point of closing this topic if it's only going to cause Lord to leave the community and we will lose more players who will follow him such as exxalted clan.

  • How come u keep saying its not switch script, share a video of actuak switch script so that we can compare them. But it is most likely insta switch if im(uare) not blind. About hating quattro, as i said its not personal, the reason i opened this topic is a player used switch script aka bypassed moss during a tournament final. I dont rly care about how quattro behaves, acts; i got use to that. Its his choice to be bad with me in person. Im cool with everyone who is cool with me, doesnt matter if i had some argument with them in past or not. If he gonna ban me from his servers cuz just i accused him of bypassing moss, let it be.

    Also i kinda forget to tell there that i think those randomly placed blackscreens means that a programme or hack(?) doesnt allow moss to take proper screenshoots while it is activated. Also they dont pop up in logfile cuz some hiding code or something(idk about coding that much, but pretty sure its possible both a programme doesnt allowing proper screenshoots and making itself hided to detectors such as moss).

    Also ofc im putting pressure on Management, i cant just watch them be unfair and biased. As u can see the rules i posted up there; they just ignored them, and confirmed the match result. :rolleyes:

    // How come u are so sure(u know) he doesnt use 3rd party programme and those shoots arent insta switch? ...X/

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  • I can't provide you a video with switch script, because I deleted it long time ago from my PC.

    About black screens, there would be no point to intentionally put black screens into your moss file, if you also have to provide an uncut, unedited video from your match. That's only logical, so don't accuse people of something just purely out of your own crap.

    Besides, if someone disagrees with you. he's biased and unfair. However, if someone agrees with you, he's unbiased and fair. Seems like a shitload of bullshit to me.

    Let's give this topic a 24h. If Milriko, Quattro, 1up or anyone else who's interested in sharing an "unbiased, fair and experienced" opinion regarding this topic, be my quest.

    That's all from me on this topic.

  • Quote
    1. Having black screenshots will lead you to use the moss with a recorder (sound is not required).
    About black screens, there would be no point to intentionally put black screens into your moss file, if you also have to provide an uncut, unedited video from your match. That's only logical, so don't accuse people of something just purely out of your own crap.
  • I still think things might have been done, but i understand ur point. Btw he posted that match video days after than the result was confirmed.

    I feel like moss being clean such as no issues as blackscreens etc; is better evidence than video sometimes, cuz u dont get to touch those screens 1st they are created automatically. But i think moss logfile can be bypassed somehow and video can be edited too. Anyway, thats what i think what is possible at least.

  • Obama It is not about personal hate? It is exactly about it, stop so fucking blatantly lying.

    You just can't get over the fact that someone bested you. Every time you get your ass kicked - there's 12312523897489317894213 retarded replies and topics that everyone is unfair, biased, hacking, and only you are damn Snow White. First it was Pardon, then Steru, then me, then Skrillex, then Quattro. The only difference is now you don't have imbecile Andrez backing you up.

    Then, of course you had to talk shit before match - "u know we gonna beat u ez pz with lineup skx prdn and me? ;);)". And after match I post screen of this message, you go like "omfg u spearing flames and toxicity!1!". Always playing a fucking victim role.

    Can you swallow your loss at least once in your life, without any complaining?

    Kontradmiral just saying in advance - Quat wont prove anything to anyone, because it's already done.

    Black screens argument is absolutely invalid because full match video was posted, and they were caused by Moss bug. But unfortunately, someone is too retarded to invest on his own or at very least to ask why is that happening.

    Those two time codes prove literally nothing at all, just as you said. What I can add, is that if lord would have recorded himself (doubt he ever did that or will do in his life) - I guarantee you there would be like 10x more such "OMG SWITCHSCRIPT HACKERBLACKLIST!!1!" moments, which just underlines how bullshit this topic is.

  • look listen, i just protest/accuse something with a proof. its not personal, as i said i dont rly care if im banned in ranked servers or not; its better for me anyway, less time in cs2d, (less time spend with u guys in toxic atmosphere in ur servers)(btw u can do whatever u want in forum and out game, in the limit of rules ofc, but they way u guys used to act in game, i dont know if u still do the same way, its just damaging the community, i dont know if u notice i dont even rly talk shit ingame, unless someone talkshit to me) =less time in laptop. Andrez only once backed me up cuz we literally busted u use 3rd party programme. idk why u talk about Andrez that pessimistic, perhaps we shouldnt have busted you and u would continue using that, i guess. ?(

  • First of all, accusing someone cause of "2" moments during a whole match is kinda stupid, none of those moments were even important. One was randoming one and one was to break a wall? I'm sorry but this is equivalent of someone getting blacklisted in csgo pro scene for opening doors really fast. It's just dumb.

    Also, that is nowhere near script fast, yes it is fast i don't doubt it. But please don't tell me you can't switch fast as well, it's not that hard if u have fast fingers. I personally don't struggle with this.

    Also black screens in moss aren't happening to us for the first time, in the past the matches were replayed UNLESS a video was posted, wich it was. That's why there was no reason to delay the tournament result and just confirm it.

    I understand it can be upsetting to lose a match, but crying over split milk like a baby, and trying to find moments like these 2 in a full game play video, is just beyond me.

    To me this topic looks like you just really, really want to get rid of Quattro. You can try and deny it but deep down you know it is personal, and we all can see it as well. However I still respect you as a user, so if you want I'll let you examine the video closely again, or find a way to edit/bypass moss without anyone noticing. And that is when we will look at this topic as a serious matter, and not just some form of revenge. I'll probably leave this open for a day of two, unless you pm saying you work on something.

    If you find anything within my reply to be a mistake, bad assumption, or any other problem let me know.

  • just cuz the moments werent rly that logical or it didnt happen that often/he didnt use that often, doesnt mean we are supposed to ignore them, as i said in my wall of text;u rly need to adapt urself well to those binds to be able perform properly and continuously with them. And as i said i didnt even ask for ban from a tournament from u guys about him neither blacklist; i was just copy pasting the rules, which i also highlighted my expectation from this topic that ban/blacklist or any other hard punishment isnt what im looking for/ isnt what should be done towards him considering the inactivity of the community.

    Also are u guys sure u watched closely about those 2 shoots? How can u fast switch manually even close to that fast? Idk if i made myself clear or not; even in 0.50 or 0.25 slow mo it is instaswitch...

    And the video wasnt posted before match result was confirmed, it was published something like 1 week after in another random convo topic. So dont even try to make urself fair/logical in that perspective.

    Also its not personal; just like any other protest topic; its about the act in 18.54-18.55 and 45.39 in the video. I repeat myself; things between me and quattro has almost 0 percent why i opened this topic. Its another thing that is not related this whole topic. Which i dont rly care at all.

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  • I did not want to answer but whatever, as i could notice you opened this topic for 2 reasons, 1 is for getting Milriko into Admin of cs2d, and the other one is for blacklisting quattro for switch script?

    Well if that is the case i already said several times in my news topic that Milriko is welcome here as Admin everytime he wants to organize ICC ( Or any other job for but after you could see, you sent him over 100 msgs on discord without a single reply,so if you would have more than 10iq you would realize he doesn't want to become Admin of this website anymore, also im getting annoyed recently with the word biased and unbiased, looks like you translated a retarded word and now its your favourite one or what the fuck ??? futhermore this topic about admin change is not a thing you can decide since you are hated for almost whole scene, is a decission we would manage when the momment arrive.

    About Quattro there is not much to say from my part since i played the match with him in my team and i can tell he was clear they whole game, he got killed alot etc, he didn't use any kind of 3rd party or nothing that resembles to a cheat from my point of view, in other hand we can see that he mooved fast his fingers and switched the god damn weapons but c'mon it's 2 secconds in a video, if you would remember about Switch script as Kontradmiral mentioned it's much more ovbious, i can remember Steru using it for like 2 minutes in a whole pistol round, what Quattro did there can not even be considered as weird, it's just a fast movement of his hands.

    Thoose are my points of view about both topic you wanted to point out, after everyone finnish in commenting this topic and taking a clear result, I won't let you keep attemting to our current management, so I hope you can use this last chance as better as you can, that's all from me.

  • why u guys reply before reading carefully? also why u keep repling in forum like that 1up? as Admin. :rolleyes: no wonder spams etc were allowed during whole summer.

    anyway, i guess i should have expected this response, afterall its the same management, that ignored rules of tournament and confirm the match result even before switch script accusation(which i still think it is switch script, that ak shot has no other explanation) or acted unfair, biased whole summer when u compare myself and st0rm/quattro in general in forum. so


    the expectation of myself from this topic, and for future, is not giving someone huge penalty/ban/blacklist, not even ban just like it happened before in Andrez's time (about switch script), or it is not even rly about whether having a rematch for the final match or not. all i rly want from PCS, and PCS Management to take an action about this, and promiss that these stuff will not be tolerated in further tournaments.

    u guys didnt even write 1 possitive return to me untill now, even not this part which im 100 percent right, and u guys wrong clearly. that u guys ignored moss report, and confirmed the result even without discussing anything including tournament rules.

    As a result, who is guaranteeing that the same thing wont happen again? which means, i/my team wont be wasting our time for possibly nothing again?

  • This is going too far.


    - You admit that Quattro used scripts.


    - 1up disagree that.

    Why should you make a big deal about this.

    I don't know if Quattro used that script or not, but we must act like a serious community and take decisions together, don't rush reports because Quattro used aimbot or whatever.

    I know that this isn't fair for you, but pass this and be one of Quattro's friends.

    Why do you think everyone hates you, because you take everything to make a good place only for you and not for everyone.

    "Just stay chill in your bench".

    I saw Quattro's moss, I also had black screens in my moss while I tested it, do you think I hacked vs bots??

    I'm a new player here, you guys must be an example for new comers not to see +10 topics Lord reporting Skrillex, Tats, gayoo, etc.

    In case if you Quattro used that shit, please stop and make Lord happy.

    Unban him in your server and play like friends, not like an enemy with each other.

    Hope you understood.


    Edit: Lord, in case if I get Moderator here, I will keep you at current with every moss/video.

    #fair moderating.

    Keep this in mind guys: "Love and peace"

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  • Lord, TA was informed that quattro was also recording, however TA didnt feel the need of the video at the time of result confirmation.


    So that disproves one thing from you.

    Second, you keep saying about in-human switch. When If I tried i would most likely recreate that in few minutes. Really you are just trying to accuse someone on 2 second footage of someone switching gun fast, in order to..get a rematch? win by w/o? Just look at it from a distance and see how stupid of a move that is.

    You want to enforce what kind of rules? You quoted that if moss is broken action is gonna be taken UNLESS provided a video. YES He wasnt asked to provided it at first, but when asked he posted it without any delay, so the result didn't change and stayed the same.

    Really lord you are trying to prove your point when you are "100%" wrong, no one else in this community thinks that 2 sec clip is worth as any evidence. As I told you before, either prove he edited moss, video, or find something we can start on.

    Otherwise its just junk im sorry.

  • *Lord wants to save the game and a spot in managament*

    1st action to achieve it: Make a shit topic about Miriko turning into HA.

    2nd " " " ": Make another shit topic but this time about Quattro, suspecting that he hacked with a 2 secs vid as evidence.

    Result: "this management never helps tho"

    Accuracy: 0%