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    st0rm So my i7 7700k (4.7GHz) is better than the Xeon Platinum 8164 (2GHz)?

    Nice. Too bad that the 8164 has 22 more cores than mine which outperformes it without breaking a sweat.

    GHz isn't the only thing that matters. No cringe here.

    Hacking online games would be pretty impossible seeing as they should all be working with access tokens and most of the time CORS verification. Any decent programmer should know that verification should happen on the server side and not on the client side (unless you are going to reverify).

    That being said; it depends on the programming language, its environment, how decent the programmers that made it were and most importantly what you actually want to achieve.

    If that's the case then are you going to host such tournaments for an indefinite amount of time? Because if you don't how will new players after these tournaments be informed?

    If new people have a hard time finding general information, shouldn't we be actively solving that by creating threads or using other means to spread this information instead of stating that older members of the community have to?

    Just create a thread if the same question keeps on getting asked or you expect it to be asked frequently, it's not hard.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not actively trying to point the finger and tell everyone they're wrong and give the impression as if the tournament managers are not doing a good job. I as well as mostly everyone here appreciate any time you put into a tournament and the community. I just want to inform you that the means of spreading information can be solved and done easier and better than relying on people that sometimes might not want to.

    I don't want to provide the adress ip here. I don't trust for the server. But since you are playing with a newcommer, you should teach him not me. -.-

    You should tell him about moss, servers, tactics, why eu ? why us ? [servers]..

    Hell no, I ain't going to say everything. You have to teach and show him.

    It's your tournament, that's not his responsibility — it's yours.

    Make a general thread somewhere and link it when questions arise. Problem solved.

    Nop Yates.

    Every participant is reponsible that he observes the rules. And rules are saying:..

    Huh. Rules? We're on about people showing others what to do during tournaments and where to get their information from and why. You know, questions about general tournament information. Not rules.

    Neverless there should be some guides /howtos about some things (like moss), i agree on that.

    So basically what I said:

    Make a general thread somewhere and link it when questions arise. Problem solved.

    So you said "Nop Yates.", but then proceeded to agree with me (basically saying yes).

    That's double meaning and contradiction. Please learn how to read all previous posts in the future to avoid confusion, thank you.

    Yeah, the rules state what you have to do and what you're not allowed to do. But there is no explanation of what it is or even why. It's not the player's responsibility to teach other players or show them where they can gather information about tournaments, it's the tournament manager's.

    Don't say no when you basically mean yes, that's just confusion and self-contradictory.

    Why not use Discord? Would be better to keep communication in one place, or at least do Discord as well. I doubt people interested in mix will only want to do mix. You could ask for a mix channel and people could turn notifications on for just that channel. You can then use Lua to make a request to a Discord API hook to trigger a notification or message.