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    Nice Quattro! You are a competitive player in a 2d game where u wasted years of ur life nolifing!. You are just a lord v2, the only difference is that you have better english (what an achievement!). Oh and u got a supporter, a momoo kid that isn't able to think by himself and he only repeats what a 26 y.o guy writes to him, must feel really good!!

    I see how dead this game is just by seeing that some people started hearing at ur ideas.

    Keep it up quattro, maybe some day u earn some bucks in this game!

    I'm in.

    Come on guys, it would be funny to play in.

    Quattro worked a lot to give us a good place to play a mix and don't disappoint him.

    You are totally missing the point that Quattro was/is/will be a cunt in PCS. "Disappoint him" doesn't apply to him at all, so don't even try to use it.

    However, good luck with it, I don't doubt he can make a great tourney.

    First, lord, I write the fuck I want in my poll.

    Second, I don't think people is trolling.

    Third, I had lot of fun playing with americans/europeans and even made lot of good friends from Europe. Plus, if we talk about level, I think americans reached a really good one (even with 150 ping), so please don't use it as your argument because u don't know shit.

    Fourth, I am being objective, not pesimistic. But I think you ain't getting it. I have been here for the last two years, I have seen this alive/a bit dead/dead. I am pretty sure I have never seen PCS as dead as now.

    Fifth and last, my point is: give this game a proper ending, stop making shit tournaments (I know you love them lord, as your only desire in life is to be best in cs2d, sadly u won't achieve it).

    Ps: this was supposed to be a poll without any answer, but well, the only one that didn't get it is lord xD.

    Vote fellas.

    If someone thinks something is missing then talk to an admin, and if he agrees, it can be erased and a new poll will be done.

    You will see the results only if you vote.

    It will end next friday.

    Ps: It has nothing to do with the real ending of PCS, but it might help the management.

    Please, if u are going to do a shit tournament as lord mentioned. Don't even do it. If someone is going to do a damn tournaments, it will be milriko.

    I will make a poll about this.

    I haven't seen any one of the donators talk about it, and the one who does it is lord, can't believe it. Even ex0 has more power than you to talk about it since he donated.

    Lord, do something useful for your life man. Close this site forever, delete cs2d/discord/ts3 and play some football with ur friends or w.e u do in Turkey.

    Paset, how about you calm down a little.

    Lord, you have been unbanned 4 days ago.

    U can't tell someone to calm down when that person did nothing wrong nor agressive.

    Plus don't pretend to be a good moderator in a dead forum :)!

    I love how this went from "fuck kdmrl" to football then "fuck lard" and finally football again.

    Love u guys

    Person posts 3 statements, 2 of them are truths and one is a lie.

    Next person then tries to guess which ones are lies and which one is truth, and they then also post 3 statements, 1 of which is the truth and 2 are lies.


    So basically you post 2 truths and 1 lie but the other person has the guess "which ones are lies and which one is truth", then the rules change and u have to post only 1 truth and 2 lies. Who created this game? ex0?


    This is the clear problem in this community, the ego over all of u.

    Quattro's idea was really good, he really cared about creating a new competitive section and contacting good servers. But his main problem was that he didn't want to let PCS participate (PCS didn't want to work with him neither) because of this guys, you are just killing the game more and more by saying "i am the best in a 2d game xdddd", u all just look like fede when he tries to explain something about his books.

    It would have been understandable if u were 14 y.o, but guys, you are all +21 (SOME OF U ARE EVEN +25), and u still arguing for a 2d game about who is the best bla bla bla.

    You are just the same shit that u blamed in the past like Andrez. Everything you do is to feed your ego.

    Just stop playing this game, drink some water and do something with ur real life. Because if you are like this in a cs2d forum, I can't imagine how you guys are in real life.

    It was pretty obvious that Adam is a big abuser towards every non polish person or someone that attempts against Poland when he is mad, but he fixed the app by himself, so he has lot of powers in ts3 and none can do shit but Cirium (buuut he is inactive af). Soooo the only reasonable answer to this is: don't talk to adam anymore and he won't ban u (i know, it's retarded but it's how it is)