How do I get involved?

Let’s be honest – The competitive cs2d scene isn’t what it used to be. Getting new players is going to be imperative to us succeeding as a community. One issue I don’t think is addressed enough is how difficult getting into the competitive scene might seem. I know when I started out I was fortunate enough to already have a few competitive players that I knew well that were willing to help get integrated into the community. However lots of players just joining the game won’t be fortunate enough to have this, so here are some pointers if you’re a new player as to how to become involved within our community.

1. Introduce yourself

It may seem obvious but if you don’t introduce yourself we’ll never know who you are. Let me explain: we encounter plenty of players every day, of all skills and mindsets. More often than not if I’ve seen your introduction on a forum I’ll be more likely to notice you, say hi, potentially establishing another way of achieving contact and playing with you more. The difference between me seeing you as simply another random and someone who wants to be a part of our community is a simple introduction.

2. Play Pub

And use the name you plan on going by. One of the biggest mistakes a lot of new players (this is one of the mistakes I made as well) make is playing pub and being too timid or nervous to go by their proper tag. You’re never going to get noticed or picked for mixteams if no one ever sees you play. This is also a good way of creating a larger contact base as well as for other people to help track your progress (skill wise).

3. Play/Spectate mixteams

This is crucial, your performance in mixteams is what a lot of teams will base your over all skill off of. They’re also a fantastic way to learn the game competitively in a friendlier environment. If you go to your first mixteam and you don’t get picked, don’t worry just simply see it as a way to learn how they function. Mixteams are also great ways to learn the maps themselves, positions on the maps as well as competitive specific terminology.

4. Be social

This seems fairly obvious as well but it's another thing some newcomers might not see as overly important. Don't hesitate to ask for peoples preferred method of contact (whether it be xfire, skype, teamspeak, steam). Get to know them, play games with them, ask insight from them, ask them to shed light on how they believe you should improve. This is also a large factor when you begin looking for a team, if you're already fairly well known and liked odds are the recruitment process will go much quicker.

5. Let a team know you’re interested

If you’re confident in your abilities at this point in time and you want to start looking for a clan simply tell one of the leaders/admins of the clan you’re interested in that you’re looking to join. It may be difficult at first (clans are usually hesitant to allow people in with very little experience/haven’t been on another team). Ask them to play with you a bit so they can get an impression on your overall skill level. After you’ve played with them a bit asks them what they think of you so far and whether or not they think it’s a wise idea to apply for that team at the current time. If no, simply ask what they think you need to do in order to achieve their team’s calibre.

If you follow this guide I can almost guarantee your integration into the competitive community will be much simpler. Also I must reiterate: do not be timid at all, be confident, don't be afraid of introducing yourself (no matter what your skill or experience level is) and never be afraid to ask for help from this community. Hopefully this helps some of you.